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"We consider our clients' wellness from both external and internal perspectives."

At Prescott Trichology Group, it is not just about looking good, but feeling better. Our client needs are considered beyond hair; it's what affects the health of the hair.  If hair loss is the result of poor eating, our clients are partnered with a nutrition advocate to assist with their hair growth journey.

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At Prescott Trichology Wellness Group, We require our clients to bring in their most recent BCA in order for us to provide them with a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report and execute an effective Treatment plan. 

We recognize a full head of hair supports confidence, which is why our focus is on our client's overall quality of life. Building our clients up internally and work with our clients in a multi-therapeutic approach to rebalance their mind, body and spirit to achieve maximum results.

We initially addressed the issue with weaves, wigs, hair units and braided extensions. The roster of cosmetic installations are now supported--or have been replaced with several sophisticated tools including topicals, lasers and growth factor treatments.

At Prescott Trichology Wellness Group, our services are the bridge between the general salon and the Dermatologist.

We are not doctors or physicians nor do we prescribe medications, diagnose or perform surgery.
Starr Prescott is your "Priemer Hair Loss Expert, Naturopathic Wellness Coach and Accountability Partner". 


AGA if affects the top of the head, in females it starts 1in behind the hairline and spreads like a tree. 
Hormonal - High testosterone levels

Autoimmune, Scarring, Stressed-Induced

Hair loss starts in the "GUT" lack of absorption of nutrients in the gut, not providing the body with nutritionally dense foods.

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What makes our solutions unique? Our business is not focused on selling clients products only, because products don't make your hair grow, products ONLY assist with the growing process. YOU make your hair grow by what you put into your body, the nutrients nourishing the blood is what makes your hair thrive.


However, the products we do carry (Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions) are high quality products and have the ingredients to combat common alopecia's and scalp disorders such as AGA, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, early stages of CCCA, Psoriasis of the Scalp, and Seborrheic Dermatitis.


When used in a multi-therapeutic approach you receive maximum results. Not only does our services promote beauty & wellness, hair retention, hair loss prevention, we also provide hair loss education to our clients, peers and the communities we serve. 

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Hi Ladies & Gents, 

My name is Starr Prescott and I'm Your Hair Loss Expert & Naturopathic Wellness Coach. I've been in the beauty industry for over twenty years, eleven years as licensed cosmetologist, and for the past 7 years as a hair loss professional. I'm a Certified Holistic Trichologist, Certified Naturopathic Wellness Coach, Board - Certified Health Coach and owner of Prescott Trichology Wellness Group and Hair Grass Hair Loss Solutions. 

I joined the hair loss industry because too many of my clients, family and friends were experiencing hair loss or scalp issues with no knowledge on how it occurred or how to address the issue. I began to educate myself so I can educate and properly address the issues my clients were experiencing. Over the years with assisting many of my clients with their hair loss concerns, scalp disorders, and maintaining the health of their hair, I have learned hair loss and hair growth starts internally. Products don't make your hair grow; products only assist with the growing process. You make your hair grow by what your put in your body, how well you managed your stress levels, your hairstyling practices and your daily lifestyle habits. 


Don't get me wrong there are amazing high-quality products available on the market, such as Hair Grass Hair Revitalizing Systems) however, it's the ingredients in the products that we must pay attention to. The ingredients in your products need to combat the issues that you are experiencing, not just one concern but all of your concerns and issues. You shouldn't mix products while attempting to grow your hair because you can throw off the ph balance of your scalp and cause a bigger problem. 

Vitamins, nutritionally dense foods, DHT sensitivity and your mental health plays a major role in your hair health and your overall quality of life. These are the reasons I decided to dive deeper into Trichology, Beauty & Wellness and became a Holistic Trichologist, a Naturopathic Wellness Coach, and a Board-Certified Health Coach. I want to provide education to my peers, clients and the communities I serve, by helping them understand that hair loss and hair growth starts within and if we wanted to receive long lasting results me must approach hair loss from a wellness perspective instead of a product perspective. 

In 2023 I have revamped my services by offering a combination Beauty & Wellness with Prescott Wellness Rejuvenation Program. It's time to take back your life, focus on your wellness goals, this approach will bring you the optimal long-lasting results you have been looking for.  If you are looking for an accountability partner and ready to rebalance your mind, body and spirit to achieve our ultimate wellness goals then the Prescott Wellness Rejuvenation Program is just for YOU!


Start Living Your Best Life!!!


 Health is Wealth and YOU deserve to be FREE! 

"Water Your Roots"

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