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We consider our clients' wellness from both external and internal perspectives.

At Prescott Trichology Group, it is not just about looking good, but feeling better. Our client needs are considered beyond hair; it's what affects the health of the hair.  If hair loss is the result of poor eating, our clients are partnered with a nutrition advocate to assist with their hair growth journey.

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At Prescott Trichology Group we use a multi therapeutic approach to achieve the best results, each client is evaluated, and an individual tailored plan of action is executed.

We recognize a full head of hair supports confidence. 

We initially addressed the issue with weaves, wigs, hair units and braided extensions. The roster of cosmetic installations are now supported--or have been replaced with several sophisticated tools including topicals, lasers and growth factor treatments.

At Prescott Trichology Group, our services are the bridge between the general salon and the Dermatologist.

While we cannot prescribe medications, diagnose or perform surgery, we do reinforce and assist with sustaining dermatological work.

What makes our solutions unique?
Our business is also about prevention; several of our services promote hair retention, not just hair loss.

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