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10 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

There’s many questions surrounding how to maintain beautiful healthy hair. Although the answer lies within us, it’s still a huge mystery. Through the lens of fashion, beautiful healthy hair is judged by an external view of temporary fixes; when the only true factor is, beautiful healthy hair is skin deep.

Our lifestyle plays a huge roll on how our hair flourishes throughout our lives. Eating, smoking, drinking, exercising, managing stress and our mental health can have both negative and positive effects on our hair. To stop the bulk of confusion that surrounds healthy hair, in this guide I’m going to give you 10 ways to maintain beautiful healthy hair;

1. Maintain a healthy diet , “We a r e w h a t w e digest ” , says Nutrition Britt.

➢ Add leafy greens and veggies to your diet.

➢ Lean more towards a plant-based diet

➢ Label read (glyphosate) is an anti-biotic that kills vitamins. It’s in our foods we buy. Check the sku numbers on fruits, sku’s with 4 digits and the first number is 4= sprayed w/pesticides, 5 digits and the number start with 8 = genetically modified, five digits and the first number start with 9 = grown organically

➢ Consume less sugar

➢ Less hydrogenated oil

➢ You want to consume wild caught and less farm raised

➢ Consume less meat (Watch for artificial meats which are huge in size).

➢ More water (coconut) less carbonated drinks

➢ Exercise the thought of growing your own fruits and veggies.

2. Detox

It’s good to detox annually because over the years of food consumption our colon wall builds up plaque, just as a pipe can become clogged over time so does our colon. Detoxing helps remove the plaque and toxins built up in the colon and on the colon wall. That plaque buildup can cause inflammation and disease in the colon, it can also cause leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the colon wall is packed to capacity with fecal matter and the colon wall begins to split causing fecal matter to drip.

Benefits of Detoxing

➢ Mental clarity

➢ Inches of waistline

➢ Healthier colon and a healthier colon mean a healthier YOU!

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