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  • I've noticed the crown area of my head thinning over the past 2years, Can you tell me what could be the reason?"
    I'm a Trichologist, not a Doctor and cannot diagnose any medical conditions, I can do a scalp analysis to determine which alopecia characteristics are currently displaying on the scalp. I will also recommend getting a Biopsy done by your Dermatologist.
  • What is Alopecia?
    Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss or hair fall.
  • Can stress cause hair loss?
    Yes, stress induced hair loss is considered Telogen Effluvium. eWhich is associated with some sort of trauma such as surgery, loss of loved one and/or divorce etc. Your hair will begin shedding about 90 days from the traumatic event.
  • What are the common causes for hair loss ?
    Poor hairstyling practices ● Hormonal ● Hereditary ● Health ● Nutrition ● Stress ● Medications
  • Is hair loss gut related?
    Yes, hair loss and hair growth starts in the gut. The gut has good and bad bacteria, if there is too much bad bacteria then the gut wouldn't be able to absorb any of the essential nutrients for hair growth.
  • What are the essential vitamins for hair growth ?
    The essential vitamins for hair growth are ● Vitamin A ● Vitamin B12 ● Vitamin D ● Biotin ● Xinc ● Vitamin C
  • What Inhibits DHT?
    Zinc ● Omega 3 ● B2 ● Saw Palmetto ● Stinging Nettle
  • What Does too much estrogen do to women?
    Too much Estrogen could cause the following: ● Fibroids ● Heavy Weight ( waist down) ● Menstrual issues ● Thinning /Brittle Hair Too much insulin converts estrogen into androgens.
  • Why is my hair so Dry ?
    Your hair can be dry because you are lacking hydration in the body or lack of essential fatty acids
  • How long should I keep my wig or weave extensions installed?
    If your hair is shedding and damaged I suggest treating your hair instead of covering it up Our health talks to us through our hiar first but are we listening? ● Wigs- I would not use any adhesives and remove daily to have the ability to treat on the weekly basis ● Weaves / braids - I would keep in only for four weeks and if it's damaged I wouldn't apply until the hair is back to health
  • How do you treat hair loss?
    There is no one stop shop when it comes to hair loss, each individual has a different case. However, the best treatment for hair loss is approaching in a multi therapeutic fashion.
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